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About Us

Halsey King is a bus fleet maintenance consultant with decades of fleet experience all over the world. U.S. clients include public and private transit and paratransit bus fleets, state DOTs and bus manufacturers.

Halsey and his associates are members of several professional organizations, including SAE, ASTM, IEEE, and the American Public Transportation Association.

The company is headquartered in San Diego County within seven hours of any fleet or client office in the U.S. 

Short Bio


As a fleet maintenance consultant, Halsey provides advisory and training services to the industry and bus transportation at large, from the Middle East to Pacific Islands. Client lists include private fleets, government fleets, state DOT, FTA (maintenance audits), and manufacturers. He provides the VMMI program of fleet management for CTAA, and is an expert witness in state and federal court systems where injury and death is related to system and component failure.

Training Topics


· Baseline fleet maintenance and fleet management


· Analysis of fleet vehicles and PM programs


· Stopping Bus Fires Before They Start


· Bus fleet performance standards for maintenance departments


· Industry standards and RTAP technical brief guides on maintenance issues, including:


  • FMCSA regulations for P.M. inspections improvement
  •  Vehicle procurement from and engineering perspective using mileage base, environment, driver impact, and P.M. 
  • Emergency management of vehicle maintenance facilities
  •   Custom training program development and presentation


Continues to teach in all FTA regions including 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10.

Services Provided


Fleet audits and studies

Policies and procedures development

Technical training for technicians and shop managers 

Fleet management training (classes at major universities and at your facilities).


 Two day seminars nationwide (see us at BusCon)

Technical reviews of burned vehicles

Technical reviews of accident vehicles

Regulatory reviews


Expert witness services

Special projects

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